Boston woman’s suspected kidnapper makes bizarre movements in court appearance

A man charged with kidnapping a Massachusetts woman who disappeared over the weekend displayed “bizarre” behavior in court before his first appearance on Wednesday.

Victor Pena, 38, of Charlestown, Massachusetts, sobbed, sucked his thumb, and prayed inside a Charlestown courthouse during an initial mental competency evaluation, The Boston Globe reported.

Victor Pena, left, is arraigned on kidnapping charges at the Charlestown Division of the Boston Municipal Court in Charlestown, Massachusetts on Jan. 23. (Aram Boghosian/The Boston Globe via AP)

With a court psychologist, Pena — accused of kidnapping 23-year-old Olivia Ambrose on Saturday night —  also reportedly said he heard voices and claimed he had been forced to snort cocaine in his past.

The psychologist told the court that Pena may have been “exaggerating some of [the] symptoms” of possible mental impairment, and said he “did not appear to know why he was in court today.” His brother, Jose Pena, told the Globe that Pena is “a little bit mentally challenged.”


Pena was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with kidnapping after police found Ambrose, who had been missing since Saturday, “crying with a horrified look on her face” inside his apartment.

“When we made entry she was observed standing in the apartment near the suspect,” Boston Police Commissioner William Gross told reporters after Pena’s arrest. “We eventually separated them and the suspect was apprehended.”

While police are still investigating the situation, Gross said “it’s obvious from video surveillance [Ambrose] did not go along [with Pena] willingly” after the woman left Hennessy’s bar in Boston around 11 p.m. on Saturday.

Victor Pena, left, reportedly cried, suck his thumb, and prayed to God in court on Wednesday as he was arraigned on kidnapping charges.

Victor Pena, left, reportedly cried, suck his thumb, and prayed to God in court on Wednesday as he was arraigned on kidnapping charges. (Aram Boghosian/The Boston Globe via AP)

Security footage caught Ambrose around 11:40 p.m. with “two unknown males,” one of whom, later identified as Pena, appeared to be guiding Ambrose and placing his arm around her.

The two were later spotted walking near a train station in Charlestown, and her phone was recorded as being in a nearby housing development.

On Tuesday, three days after she was last seen by her twin sister and friends, Ambrose was discovered in Pena’s apartment. Pena allegedly resisted law enforcement “violently” before he was arrested.


Ambrose, according to the Globe, told investigators that Pena took her phone and wouldn’t let her leave his apartment “the entire time she was held there.”

Pena, who will be held without bail and will be sent to a state hospital for a 20-day competency evaluation, is next scheduled to appear in court Feb. 11.

From Fox News.

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