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We want to help local customers find OPEN local businesses and tell them HOW to shop local businesses!

Record a radio commercial for your business now and get it on-air quickly across your choice of 2 of our 4 LOCAL stations through June 30th! You can request one of our air talents to voice the commercial for you, or we can walk you through recording a commercial with your smartphone to send to us for use (as our studios remain closed to the public).

We will air your message across 2 stations of your choice in rotation through June 30, a minimum of 25 times per week on each station, for a total of 50 ads per week minimum. In addition, we’ll include your messaging for no additional charge during overnight hours from 12a – 5a for the workers listening while working stocking shelves and in our area hospitals.

Total cost is just $180 for your choice of two stations. Ads are :15 seconds in length and air 6a – 7p weekdays and 9a – 6p Saturday and Sunday.

Prepayment via card required. Contact business manager Sherri Linz at 870-423-2147 x102 to arrange payment.

Help listeners FIND YOU and SUPPORT YOU! We’re in this together, and we appreciate you!

People Are Turning To Radio!

Nearly 40% of those who took part in a recent study conducted by NuVoodoo Media Services say they are listening to radio more during the health crisis. Breaking it down by daypart, 37% say they are tuning to radio more on weekday mornings; 36% are spending more time dialed-in during middays; 38% say they listen more during weekday afternoons and 26% are listening more at night. Additionally, 39% are spending more time with radio on weekends.

(Source: Inside Radio)

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